Core texts et al

Possible core texts

Bemmel J H Musen M A 1997 Handbook of Medical Informatics Springer. [Also has a web site with exercises etc. or]

Tim Chard (2nd ed.) 1995 Computing for Clinicians. Edward Arnold. [This is an excellent book and really is much more concerned with medical Informatics rather than computing.]

Lee Nicholas, Millman Andrew. 1996 ABC of Medical Computing. BMJ publications London [Very basic but may be of some use as a guide to what candicates should already know?]

Yates F E, (ed.) 1996 Creative Computing in health and social care. John Wiley & Sons. Chichester. [Enthusiastic book written by a Psychologist working with alcohol abuse living and working in Newcastle in the UK.]

William Bria, Richard Rydell 1992 The physician-computer connection. [A practical guide to physician involvement in hospital information systems. AHA Books (USA).]

Enrico Coiera 1997 Medical Informatics, the Internet & telemedicine. Chapman & Hall medical. [Rather techi. but covers a wide range]

Abbott W, Bryant J R, Sotheran M K. 1996 Information management in health care - four handbooks. Health information specialist groups of the BCS [Not really up to anything much]

F T de Dombal 1996 Medical Informatics; The essentials. Butterworth - Heinemann.[Very small but a good very basic ? biased introduction]

Hovenga E, Kidd M, Cesnik B. 1996 Health Informatics: An overview. Church Livingstone. [This is a good introductory book, however it is by and large a review of health Informatics in Australia.]

Medical Informatics (1991), Tim Benson. [UK based, good, very thin, and also very expensive £60. Out of date now.]

Anderson J G Aydin C E Jay S J 1994 Evaluating Health Care Information Systems. Sage Publications. [excellent book for anyone involved in developing and / or evaluating a system in their department]

Eason K 1988 Information technology and organisation change Taylor & Francis [ Good introduction to human issues in systemsn design - Includes Enid Munfords soci-technic approach]

Database books???? The best I have come across so far are severla OU modules - Any suggestions welcome



Core Articles

The following articles will be provided as a handout at the start of the course.
Bailey J E 1990 Development of an Instrument for the management of computer user attitudes in hospitals. Meth. Inform. Med 29 51 - 56.
Baroudi J J, Olson M, Ives B 1986 An empirical study of the impact of user involvement on system usage and information satisfaction. Communications of the ACM [March] 29 (3) 232 - 238.
Berry D C, Hart A E 1990 Evaluating expert systems. Expert systems [November] 7 (4) 199 - 207.
Ives B, Olson M, Baroudi J J 1983 The measurement of user information satisfaction. Communications of the ACM [October] 26 (10) 785 - 793.
Willcocks L P, Mark A L 1989 IT Systems implementation: Research findings from the public sector. J. I. T 1989 92 - 103.
Wyatt J C. 1994 Clinical data systems part 1: data and medical records. The Lancet 344 [December 3rd] 1543 - 1547.
Wyatt J C. 1994 Clinical data systems part 2: Components and techniques. The Lancet 344 [December 10th] 1609 - 1614.
Wyatt J C. 1994 Clinical data systems part 3: Development and Evaluation. The Lancet 344 [December 17th] 1682 - 1688.
Young D, Chapman T, Poile C 1990 Physician, reveal thyself. Brit. Journ. Healthcare computing. Nov. 16 - 21.


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