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Welcome to the clinical decision support part of the MSC course in Clinical information systems run jointly by Edinburgh University (UK) and the Royal College of Surgeons (edin.). This is just a small part of the course and should only take you approximately 20 hours to complete. It is a very limited introduction to this area, but does hopefully introduces you to the main topics. In terms of the course assessment The first resource has a number of MCQs associated with it, some of which may appear in the final online MCQ.

Coiera 2003 Chapter 25 – Clinical decision support Systems available online at: http://www.coiera.com/aimd.htm

MCQs to the Coiera chapter link
Paul Taylor 2006 Chapter 10 - Probability and decision making link
Gerd Gigerenzer  2007 Chapter 9 – Less is More in Health Care link
Roger Penrose – 1993 Setting the Scene: the Claim and the Issues – Artificial minds link
MacNeil B J, Keeler E, Adelstein, 1975 Primer on certain elements of decision making

The last four links are password protected to ensure copyright compliance.

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