Example Courses:

I, and others, have used the material in a pick and mix manner to create courses of various lengths, and different perspectives, from a one afternoon very basic level course to several MSc level modules for sample:


Title url Description
Basic statistics www.robin-beaumont.co.uk/virtualclassroom/stats/precourse.html Very basic statistical knowledge - the sort you learnt at school explaining the mean, median, mode, bar charts & the standard deviation and variance.
Essential medical statistics www.robin-beaumont.co.uk/virtualclassroom/stats/course1.html
and Youtube videos at
Comparing two groups, risks and obtaining the line of best fit and getting to grops with effect size measures, confidence intervals and P values
Advanced medical statistics www.robin-beaumont.co.uk/virtualclassroom/stats/course2.html
and Youtube videos at

Comparing multiple groups and situations where you have repeated measures, survival analysis and clustered data.

Also looks at how to reduce and restructure a number of variables (factor analysis)

Introduction to databases using (free) Libreoffice Base http://www.robin-beaumont.co.uk/virtualclassroom/chap8/libreoffice_base.html

A interactive introduction to databases which includes you learning a little of the standard language used to interrogate them.

Uses a free database which can connect to all the common commercial ones.

Healthcare systems - getting to grips with stating your requirements using UML http://www.robin-beaumont.co.uk/virtualclassroom/edin_cl1/index.html Reviews the types of healthcares systems in common use and provides hands on experience using the standard technique used by systems developers (UML) to specifiy systems - enables clinicans to effectively engage in systems development
Healthcare systems development and evaluation methods - human issues http://www.robin-beaumont.co.uk/virtualclassroom/edin_cl2/index.html Provides the managerial knowledge and skills to enable clinicans to effectively engage in healthcare systems development and evaluation
Communication in the clinical consultation http://www.robin-beaumont.co.uk/virtualclassroom/dprom/web/index.html A detailed course enabling clinicans to analyse their own and others clinical consultations and develop tools that enable them to continually re-evaluate.



Other course where I have used the material include:


  • Communication and the computer in the consultation (Msc 10 credit course)
  • Short course consisting of 4 half days for Sprs.
  • Half day introduction to the Internet for medical purposes for Doctors.
  • One day introduction to System development for project managers
  • Health Informatics module developed for Durham University Business School Health MBA.
  • Modules for post-graduate Diplomas and Masters courses in Health Informatics (see the material)

    The wide range of material available means that you can design courses ranging from the purely IT oriented to the psychological/sociological. I personally have always tried to develop courses with a range of perspectives.


    Places that have informed me they have used the material on this site include:

  • MBA (part time) Durham University Business school (1995 to 1999)
  • Sunderland University Health Sciences (1994 - 96)
  • Newcastle University Medical School (1996 - 1998)
  • Teeside University (1996 - 98)
  • Independent ad hoc days, sessions for various doctors groups etc.
  • Various American Universities
  • Royal College of Psychiatrists (2000)
  • Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh (2000 - present)
  • A&E faculty Kings London (2000)
  • Central Probation service London (2000)
  • Edinburgh University (2008 ongoing)
  • Bath University (2000 ongoing)
  • Sunderland University MSc in Clinical Pharmacy ( 2000 ongoing)
  • UNN (University of Northumbria) (2002 - 2009)
  • Touro University in the USA - MHI 500 - Introduction to Health Informatics


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    Contacting me:

    Please feel free to contact me via e-mail: robin@organplayers.co.uk or tel. England 0191 2731150 either if you want to use the material or have any suggestions for enhancements etc.