Understanding data




Samples / populations and variability

Evaluating the mean of a single sample

Evaluating the mean of 2 samples

Evaluating 2 groups - ordinal data

Hypothesis testing / power / sample size


Simple regression

Proportions & chi square

Risk, rates and odds

What are p values

Repeated measures (1) - using the linear mixed models (LMM)

Repeated measures (2) - 4 repeated measures one group (LMM)

Repeated measures (3) - 5 repeated measures, 2 groups

Multiple regression

Survival Analysis (1)

Principle components/Factor analysis

Logistic Regression

Analysing a set of binary questions

Structural EM

Tests and decisions

Adjustments for Multiple groups

Survival analysis (2)

Logistic regression (2)


Factorial Anova


Hierarchical models






Medical statistics made understandable


There is a large amount of information here - from revision of high school statistics to cutting edge medical statistical analyses.

High school statistics revision applied to medical statistics

Essential medical statistics

Advanced medical statistics

Robin Beaumont

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